Jack Sandlin, a private investigator, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a certified fraud investigator

"Integrity, professionalism and experience are essential in investigations and consulting services. We provide our clients discreet and timely results within this framework."

- Jack Sandlin -

Jack Sandlin & Associates
Indianapolis IN

PI Lic#: PI20700112

A Veteran Owned Business (VBE)


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Investigative Procedure & Scope:

Jack Sandlin & Associates is an Indiana based Licensed Private Detective Agency and Business Consulting Firm providing Fraud Examination, Medical Claims Fraud and Abuse Services, Private Investigation and Security Consulting to a variety of clients, including law firms, corporations, insurance companies and individuals in a variety of venues.

All of our investigations are conducted in a courteous and professional manner. Results are presented in clear and concise reports.   We are affiliated with a worldwide network of professional investigators, accountants, and law enforcement personnel, enabling us to provide you with expert resources throughout the US (even the world).

We provide professional services in a wide range of areas including:  Corporate Fraud Risk Analysis; Insurance Claims (investigation and recovery); Law Firms (litigation support); Surveillance; Location and Service of Process; Security Consulting - Personal and Corporate. All of our investigations are provided in a timely, discreet and cost effective manner. Please contact us directly at the link below for additional information, questions or comments.

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